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Dryland Hockey Development Camp

Camp Description

This is 4 week dryland training program for boys and girls Novice to Midget level Hockey.  

Cost is:

1 week: $250 pp

2 weeks $450 pp

3 weeks $750 pp

4 weeks $850 pp

(plus HST) 

Agility- footwork with both 2 feet and also single legs using ladder, hurdles, skipping ropes, stairs and hills, to improve leg strength, balance of the body, muscle memory. We will work on lateral movements, forwards and backwards, turns and transitions.  

Speed- sprints from various starts, push up position, transitioning forward to backwards. Stairs runs, forward single and double runs crossover, jumping, change of direction.  

Strength- both upper and lower body will be worked with weighted resistance training and body weight exercises, depending on the volume and day. Athletes will learn the proper techniques to lift and the variety of ways you can simplify training through creativity and body confusion! 

 Hockey skills- players will incorporate skills handling drills and agility training, along with balance, body positioning and passing and receiving drills! 

About the Coach

Dwayne Hay is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player who played in the NHL for the Washington Capitals, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and the Calgary Flames.  He currently runs hockey development camps across Canada.